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Mirco Weddings / Minimonies

Mirco Weddings / Minimonies


Micro Wedding Minimony


Many of you are facing the reality of having to postpone your wedding due to the impact of Coronavirus, and the prospect of watching your original wedding date pass by while on lockdown can feel upsetting.  It’s totally ok to be sad about losing your original date.  After all, you have spent months planning towards a particular day that you’ve now had to rearrange in very unsettling circumstances.  While that’s not easy, all is not lost!  There are still plenty of ways to celebrate your original wedding date and mark the occasion in a positive way.
Mini Wedding at Hunton Park in the Orangery
Mini Wedding at Hunton Park in the Orangery


Maybe a change of plan is in order, why not have a minimony or mirco wedding.  Not sure what that is? Lockdown has launched a whole new trend for couples hosting smaller versions of their planned wedding day, right down to a mini version of their wedding cake, and saving the big party for a later date. You can choose whether you have a celebrant-led ceremony or a legal ceremony with an officiant; either way, your minimony is your wedding day and the reception can come at a later date with all your friends and family when a lockdown is over. Many couples are choosing a micro wedding for a number of reasons.  The major difference between an intimate wedding and a traditional wedding is the number of guests invited.  You can choose a low capacity venue and only have people you truly want to be there for your special moment.

Many people make the mistake of equating micro wedding with elopement wedding. Micro involves family members and a few selected guests. This is different from elopement, which is just the couple and the wedding officiant. An intimate minimony has most of the features of a normal marriage only more low key, and with fewer participants usually from ten people to thirty people.

Micro wedding at Laura Ashley the Manor
Micro wedding at Laura Ashley the Manor


Tiny weddings have many advantages.  Firstly they are cheaper and more flexible, you don’t have to lose any of the design, in fact, you can probably now afford to have a more stylish wedding!  The choice of venue is more flexible, think outside the box, pubs, restaurants, mountain lodges, even your own home or garden!  A micro wedding is also less stress as there are fewer people there is less to organise. Intimate weddings are great as you can really interact and chat with all of your guests and you can usually arrange everything within a few weeks.  You get married with people that you really love and can relate to.

If you have decided that this is for you, then forge ahead and do not listen to anybody else but remember that some people may feel hurt when they fail to make your guest list.  You know what you want and you should stick to that!

Mirco Wedding at Fanhams Hall
Mirco Wedding at Fanhams Hall


Just because you are now planning a smaller more intimate wedding does not mean that you will not need help, there is the tendency for couples to try to handle everything by themselves.  One of our wedding coordinators can help you pay attention to details and ensure that nothing important is left out. The fact that the wedding is intimate does not mean that it is simple.  Micro weddings often need better planning than traditional weddings. For instance, how do you choose who to invite?  First off the list are people you haven’t seen or spoken to regularly in the past 2 years.  Tat should half the list or more.  Then just choose the people you are the closest to and those who you couldn’t imagine getting married without.  This way you will have everybody you hold dear surrounding you and importantly NO you don’t have to invite their children if you don’t want to!  Remember you can stream the wedding on social media platforms.  That way, even those that do not have the opportunity to be there when you wed still have the chance of seeing on a Facebook live stream or when you upload photos of the wedding.

Micro Wedding in the Garden at Latimer Estate
Micro Wedding in the Garden at Latimer Estate


For a start, you must have a clear vision of what you want.  First, sit with your fiancé to discuss what you want to for the wedding.  They will likely have an input to make.  Joint discussion is important before you make a final decision.

  1. Who to invite – see the above advice
  2. Venue – pick somewhere with amazing food and scenery to die for – remember its more of a dinner party
  3. Photographer – it is still one of the most important parts of your wedding day – the capturing of special moments is priceless
  4. Outfits – just because it’s intimate doesn’t mean you can’t wear a fabulous outfit!
  5. Decor & Flowers – now you can afford to have a Pinterest worthy wedding the decor will set the scene for the day
  6. Cake – yes you can still have one – or maybe a dessert table will work better?
  7. Outfits – just because it’s intimate doesn’t mean you can’t wear fabulous outfits!
  8. Gifts – even people who are not coming will want to know what to get you
  9. Social Distancing –  it’s important to consider a setup that will allow guests to have their own space (consider circular seating)
  10. Entertainment – What about lawn games spread apart? So that your guests can have fun in smaller groups.
  11. Detail – the devil is in the detail! Personalise your micro wedding, take things to the next level with beautiful linen & stationery

Above all have a wonderful wedding day xxx