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Egyptian Centrepiece with Tutankhamun Mask, Jewels & Sand Hire

£40.00 plus VAT

Our Egyptian Centrepiece with Tutankhamun Mask, Jewels & Sand is available for hire, to bring that Egyptian style to your party or event.  This Egyptian Centrepiece combines the infamous Tutankhamun Mask with beautiful artificial Jewels and iconic desert Sand.  

The Egyptian Centrepiece is a Tutankhamun Mask displayed on top of a regal gold stand, with a gold snake wrapped around it.  The stand is placed on a bed of sand and surrounded by Jewels and tea lights, to bring the essence of Egypt to life.

The cost of this Egyptian Centrepiece does not include fitting, however if you would like to contact us we would be more than happy to provide you with a quote. 

Top Tip

We'd recommend putting a plastic bag underneath the sand so it doesn't ruin the table cloth and it easier to take off when you have finished using the centrepiece.

Dimensions 30 × 70 cm

Replacement Costs: £70