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Campfire with Flame Light Hire

£65.00 plus VAT

Hire our Campfire with Flame Light for an authentic scene setting prop which works at any themed party or event.  This Campfire is a black cauldron sat amongst artificial foliage, with a replica Flame Light protruding from the middle. The Flame Light is a piece of fabric above a fan which moves and is lit up like a real flame, to create the illusion of real fire.  Above the Flame Light Campfire, held by a pyramid of wood, is a small black pot which makes the Campfire look authentic and real.

This Campfire with Flame Light measures approximately 50cm wide x 100cm tall and is designed as a floor prop not for use on tables.

Top Tip

We'd recommend using this Campfire with Fire Light against one of our woodland backdrops to create a truly atmospheric scene.

Dimensions 50 × 100 cm

Replacement Costs: £125