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Blue Beads / Strands Hire

£1.00 plus VAT

Hire our Blue Beads / Strands to help accessorize your themed party or event.  These Beads / Strands in Blue work really well when teamed with other accessories to add a bit of colour to your decor.  We use these Blue Beads / Strands as part of our Egyptian Centrepieces if you need a little inspiration for how you could use them at your themed event.

Our Blue Beads / Strands are hired per strand which measures 33″/84cm per strand.  They can be used for various themes such as Egyptian, Pirates, Las Vegas, Masquarade, Swinging Sixties and any other event you can think of.

Top Tip

Why not team these blue beads up with other coloured beads to add a splash of colour to your venue decor.

Dimensions 84 cm

Replacement Costs: £4.50 for 12 pack