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Lycra Chair Cover with Wrap Hire

£2.00£2.50 plus VAT

Our Chair / Wraps Hoods are the ideal solution for covering you wedding ceremony or event chairs.  These Chair Hoods / Wraps are white in colour and are designed to cover a variety of chairs.  They can also be known as hoods.  You can hire our Chair / Wraps / Hoods with either just a simple clasp to secure them and make them look decorative, or with ruffle to make them look that little bit more special.  You can choose the colour of your wrap from the list below.

The price for our Chair / Wraps Hoods is for the cover and wrap / ruffle only and does not include fitting.  If you would like us to come and fit these Lycra Chair Covers for you, we would be more than happy to, for an additional cost.  This  listing does not include the chair cover itself which is listed seperately

If the colour you require are not listed below, or you would like to discuss a quote for us to come and fit your Lycra Chair Covers, please visit our contact us page to speak to us about your individual requirements.


Top Tip

Don't forget your embellishment! We have brooches, buckles, bands and flowers available to hire.

Replacement Costs: £5 for the cover, £1.50 - 5 dependent on what needs to be replaced