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3m Sequin Backdrop Hire

£150.00 plus VAT

Our 3m Sequin backdrops come in a variety of colours and are the perfect statement piece to hang behind you cake, dessert table or even as a photobooth background. The 3m sequin back drop is easy to set up you will recieve an adjustable set of free standing backdrop poles and 2 pieces of sequin to pin over the top.  We’d recommend using this in backdrop at the entrance to your venue to really impress your guests and for them to have their photos taken infront of.  The Sequin Backdrop is on a pipe and drape system, making it very simple for 2 people to assemble easily.


Top Tip

The sequin back drop looks better with a slight gather in the fabric. If you would like to add an addtional layer in a different colour please email us.

Dimensions 300 × 15 × 300 cm

Replacement Costs: £100 - £395 depending on what's missing or damaged