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Terracotta Flower Pot Hire

£1.50£2.50 plus VAT

Our vintage effect terracotta flower pots look fabulous with our artficial plant selection.  The vintage style plant pots also work well when teamed with our other rustic style flower pots, tea lights and buckets etc.  The vintage terracotta pots come in 2 sizes and measure 8.5cm x 10cm and 6cm x 8cm respectively.  The terracotta flower pots can also be used upside down as a stand or as props around other items – they even look lovely with wild flowers inside although they do not hold water.


Top Tip

If using with fresh flowers remember to put a plastic food bag inside first as the vintage terracotta pots are not water tight.



Replacement Costs: £3.50 & £4.50 each