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15cm Mirror Disco Ball Hire

£4.50 plus VAT

We usually use these 15cm mirror, disco balls for centrepieces but you can use them as table or floor decorations or even to hang on the wall or ceiling.  The mirror balls are perfect for lots of themes including las Vegas, films, Oscars, sixties, drag queen 80’s etc.  The mirror balls look really good when themed with feathers and led lighting. You can create many different looks for a mirror ball centrepiece by using a flute vase, martini vase, metal stand, gel, feathers etc. they are very versatile, take a look at the photos for more inspiration.  If you cannot see what you are looking for send us an email and we will create it for you.  NB.  This price is just for a single mirror ball to hire, the mirror ball centrepieces are listed separately.

Top Tip

Get creative! There are meny differnt ways to use these mirror balls, when hanging remember to check with the venue about what is permitted before booking!

Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

Replacement Costs: £15 each