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Hourglass Metal Flower Stand Hire

£30.00 plus VAT

These delicate metal Flower Stands are inspired by the amazing and inspirational world renowned florist Karen Tran and are often called a Karen Tran stand because she uses them often in her floral work. Available to hire, these lovely metal hourglass stands are very slim and elegant and make a welcoming alternative to the ordinary vase. The metal hourglass flower stands are available in three colours – Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

The metal hourglass stands are 1m tall and the ring is 35cm wide at the top and bottom. Please note: If you are planning to use these with fresh flowers you need to singk the oasis into the centre of the ring – do not use a tray as they will become top heavy.


Top Tip

The hourglass metal flower stand also looks great together with garlands or strands.

Dimensions 35 × 100 cm

Replacement Costs: £65