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Large Footed Tulip Vase Hire

£30.00 plus VAT

Our Large Footed Tulip Vases, which may also be referred to as Goblet or Curvy Waisted Vases, are available for hire and are a stunning statement piece for any wedding or event venue.  These Large Footed Tulip Vases were a big trend of 2016 and look truly gorgeous in any setting.  They’re great if you really want to make an impact.  They’re very versatile and can be filled with orchids, hanging crystals or simply left empty for a crisp clean finish.  Our Large Footed Tulip Vases measure 80cm tall x 25cm across the top and 20cm across the bottom.

We can provide bespoke silk flower arrangements to be displayed in our Large Footed Tulip Vases at an additional cost. Please visit our contact us page to discuss your individual requirements.


Top Tip

As these Large Footed Tulip Vases work best as a focal point/statement piece, it's best to keep the surrounding decor plain and simple.

Dimensions 25 × 80 cm

Replacement Costs: £145