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Edison Bulb Backdrop Hire

£350.00 plus VAT

Our Edison Bulb Backdrop (can also be a hanging old fashioned light bulb backdrop) looks fabulous against a brick or wooden wall.  The Edison Bulb backdrop is perfect to hang behind your ceremony tables if you have a barn or warehouse setting.  The Edison Bulb Backdrop can also be hung from a ceiling, assuming you have low beams from which to hang it.  The Edison Bulb Backdrop does not have to be hung from your venues existing fittings it came come with a free standing support.

The Edison Bulb Backdrop is 6m long x 1.5m (longest wire), if a support stand is required, please visit our contact us page to tell us!

Top Tip

Our Edison Bulb Backdrop gets hot, so we'd recommend, if you are hanging it on a fabric background (such as a marquee), it will need to be hung from a structure, so it does not touch the fabric.

Dimensions 600 × 150 cm

Replacement Costs: £750