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Ivy Garland with Fairy Lights Hire

£25.00 plus VAT

Our Ivy with Fairy Lights is available for hire and is a beautiful addition to any wedding or themed event. This Ivy with Fairy Lights is ideal to line hallways, pillars and staircases to really ‘glamourize’ your venue.  The Ivy is 10meters in length and artificial with warm white Fairy Lights to give a hint of sparkle.  The Ivy garlands cane be used to decorate your stairs, ceilings, tables and pillars / poles at your venue. We can add additional ivy to hang over the edge of a table if you like for an additional charge.

We also do an Ivy with Fairy Lights and Flowers which is the same length and is listed on a separate description.

Top Tip

Don't forget to think about how you're going to attach the ivy decoration to your pole, pillar or stair. This could be using a nice simplistic bow, elastic or cable ties.

Dimensions 1000 cm

Replacement Costs: £65