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Rope & Post Barrier Hire

£15.00£25.00 plus VAT

Hire our Rope & Post Barrier for your special party or event to add a VIP atmosphere or to cordon off an area in your venue.  This brilliant Rope & Post Barrier is a great choice when you are looking for quality and style for any event, such as exhibitions, parties and any other special celebrations.    

Our Ropes measure 1.5 meters long and our Posts measure 1 meter tall.  They come with Double Post and Rope for £25 and any additional Rope and Post as Single Post & Rope for £15 per additional one.

The Rope can either come in Red or Black and Posts can come in either Gold or Silver.  The options are all listed below, you just need to make your selection.



Top Tip

If you really want to make an impact, why not hire our Flame Lights and put them at the end of your Rope & Post Barrier to create a real VIP atmosphere or use simple LED fairylights.

Dimensions N/A

Replacement Costs: £40